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1/17/2016 1:37:50 PM

Constantly being booted and the glitches are getting ridiculous.

Tried to help a fellow clan mate with Xbox accomplishment of completing a raid with fireteam being clan. No problem fired up skolas and got to skolas. We had problem two manning and a new clan mate signed on. But had never done POE at all so move on the 3 manning Crota. During this there were many times communicating over party chat because for one reason or another we were removed from fireteams or just booted randomly then getting through the abyss was a challenge in it self. But to get to the top and watch one ogre go down to see five more spawn and wreck us was just crazy. But returning to orbit and trying it again seemed to do the trick. But now we had to get across the bridge. But the booting continued. After 2 hours on something I used to be able to knock out in 45 min. I'm classifying destiny as a broken game. I've had problems in the past playing don't get me wrong. But lately can't even get a full fireteam through totems. Granted there are some friends that I haven't raided with in 3 months or better I've finally started playing on the Xbox one. But still they have been through the raid and so have I. It used to be I poured all my available time and even some of my unavailable time into this game. Now I've been finding the slightest excuse to not play. Bungie you may have ten year plan. It should include patches to fix the game currently or there will be no one to play this game.



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