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RoseScytheにより編集済み: 1/11/2016 5:23:18 AM

Elitists getting bored with Destiny. Try this..

After wading through the overwhelming number of threads concerning elitist 319's and lower levels being excluded from raids I noticed two primary arguments; one for each side. A. Players near the levelcap should help lower levels through raids. B. Lower levelled players shouldn't rely on higher levelled players to carry them. After pondering this for a while, an idea dawned on me.. A compromise. Something I like to call: [b]Surprise Weakest Link[/b] The concept is simple. Invite 4 or 5 underlevelled players into a raid. Play through the raid as per usual, but at each checkpoint boot the weakest member of the team, and invite an experienced "stooge" player to replace them. No warning, no informing them of the rules beforehand, just *boot* "Back to orbit you go". Better luck next time scrub. How you define "weakest" is up to you. First to die, most deaths, whatever. Worthy players get the loot, cancerous leeches get the boot. No one but the "carrier" players should be aware this twisted contest is happening. The booted players never receive an explanation, and the lone survivor never knows he won. I tested this just over an hour ago with an LFG team and was pretty happy with how it played out. The last surviving member received a 320 Helmet and scout rifle .He later mentioned that it was his first raid, what a champion! Feel like adding a new slant? Add a bit of Destiny RNG and boot a member at random. To those of you that fancy giving this a go, be sure to let us know how it plays out.



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