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Yoder023により編集済み: 1/4/2016 5:46:35 PM


HA! It was said it couldn't be done! Well look! See my Hunter as proof! Light level 310 with 1 RAID on King's Fall! It [b][i]has[/i][/b] been done my friends! Everyone said it wasn't possible, [i]"you need to grind the raid." "You need more than 1 character if you're doin that." "You need to do Trials if you're gonna do that."[/i]. Yes! For love of Iron Banner yes! [i][u]I've done..... the impossible!!![/u][/i] [spoiler]- Achieved thru Iron Banners, Nightfalls, and Weeklys. - No Trials. - 1 King's Fall raid done on warlock. - I usually only have time for 1 character & never enough time to do a long raid like King's Fall. That's how this all started. - Infused nearly everything to keep what I wanted to use. - [u]Nothing gained from SRL. [/u] Played last 2 days. Nothing [b]could[/b] be gotten [/spoiler] Edit: This was ONLY IRON BANNER AND WEEKLY/NIGHFALLS Edit 2: JUST did Trials. So if you look it up, [b][i]now[/i][/b] I've done it, but it didn't contribute to my Hunter, its contributed to my Warlock.



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