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12/30/2015 4:38:21 PM

Lag Switching and No Enjoyment

Hi, I've been a Destiny player since beta all the way up till The Taken King. I think where as it is Year 2 it is time you developers please start listening to your community of players in regards to the lag switchers. Not only does it kill the enjoyment factor of the game, it is breaking your crucible for hardcore fans and players. I'm an Xbox Community Ambassador and I find that having to constantly flag these users for doing this and such not enjoyable to my personal gaming experience on this game that is now in Year 2. It is about time something gets done about this. We the community do not fish out $100's of dollars for games that are screaming are enjoyable, that are not or no longer enjoyable due to these kind of people. So please Bungie do something about these users so we can enjoy this game how it's meant to be enjoyed and played. Sincerely, A Destiny Fan/Player



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