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What type of player complains most

Pve player playing pvp


Pvp player playing pve


Noobs, fpsp, mmop, ect.


Vets day1ers








I've made and seen post asking what guardians complains most and now realize it not only the guardian, it the person playing the game. I encourage that player try out weps supers, classes, and all three guardians before complain or crying nerf because your feedback can only and will only be valid if you try everything, not just boot up the game and at the load screen run here crying nerf or op. So guardians who complains most? Edit: let me add Pve or pvp players to the poll. Just post # pve or pvp in the comments. Didn't have enofght room for those. I say noobs, and most(not all) hunters XD Edit: I'll say it I'm a pve player who complains about pvp because of nerfs and how they effect pve. There said it, and not all hunters are bad at all just most. Some are -blam!-ing beast in pvp and don't bitch at all.



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  • It's really ironic. I play PvE and PvP respectively. I like both of them and spend time doing both every time I'm on. But its ironic because people who prefer PvE go into the crucible, get rekt, cry nerf, and then complain that the guns aren't as good in PvE anymore. I love it and hate it. I love it for its irony, I hate it because of the nerfs. If you can't do well in PvP either get good, or stick with what you're good at. It really is that f[i]u[/i]cking simple.



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