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オリジナルの投稿元: Doubts about sharing licenses on XBOX ONE
12/15/2015 8:41:30 AM
[quote]Hello, as the title says i have some doubts about sharing licenses on xbox one and i hope that some of you can help me. [b]1. How many times can i share my xbox account? (is it per year or lifetime sharing attempts?)[/b] [b]2. If i share my account to some friends and i passed my limit of sharing, i can still add or use friends accounts on my Xbox One?[/b] [b]3. Friend(X) received some games from friend(Y). If my friend(X) wants to share his licenses to me, can i receive the licenses of friend(Y)? [/b] Those are my main doubts, if there is something else important that you can share with me about this, please tell me.[/quote] 1. You are limited to switching your your liscense 3 times a year to a single person. So if you gameshare with one person, then someone else, then back to person one, then back to person 2, you can only give it to each of them one more time. If you then give it to person 1 and later to person 2, then you can't switch back to person 1 anymore for a year. 2. You can still add accounts on your xbox. All you did was exhaust their ability to use your account. As long as you haven't exceeded the limit of using their gameshare, you can continue to use it. 3. I'm your scenario, you would gain access to friend X's games, but friend Y would lose them. Also, since you don't have you Xbox set to friend Y's home xbox, you would not have access to their games. It doesn't chain. You would have X's games, X would have Y's, and Y would not have any. Everyone can only share to one person at a time, with a limit of 3 times per year that they can share to each person. You can set an infinite amount of accounts to have the same home xbox, but each profile can only have one home.



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