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TruncateComb6により編集済み: 12/14/2015 11:07:35 PM

Sorry Bungie, I gotta go.

I thought you guys were the best. Halo was legendary. You guys brought us one of the most incredible franchises in modern gaming history. After Activision came in, your game was cut. Destiny was born. Your mechanics were beautiful, but stretched thin in wake of the pitiful amount of content, micro transactions, and attempt to keep a bit of revenue and interest in Destiny. Furthermore, you do little to settle the toxic community, the rules prevent little, sparse communication. I'll miss you guys. I've deleted my characters. I'll delete this app. I'll miss my run with you guys. Maybe one day you'll get back on your feet. If you do, I'll be the first one on your doorstep to say I was wrong. Until then farewell. Hopefully 343 can keep your Halo legacy strong with its free bonus content and forge. Ninjas, if you see this, please ban my account from the forums so I won't be tempted to return. Good luck, TruncateComb6



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