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12/14/2015 1:53:24 AM

Recruitment for teambased clan (360)

Hello. My name is Josh allso known as Hightek dragon. Me and some friends have just started a clan that we have based of on heroic actions and teamwork. We want the players that joins the clan to feel good and be braive when it comes to surviving in the game. The link leads toan explanation of rules and some offers if you join the clan. Offers that we can grant you depends on what you have. IN you have the taken king you can get help with the legendary and exotic sword quest and any quest really that is of the harder king. If you need people we are allways up for killing some dark minions. A big favourite is crotas end due to how much we have killed crota in the last few days. We are calledthe last stands hope for a reason and that is that we want players to become the warrior they trully are when the last stand moment commes for you. Everyone thats in this clan for the moment has experienced that moment atleast once. I for example was left alone to defend the confluxes in the vault of glass on hard mode. I survived for 4 minutes on my own and killed all enemies in sight untill too many vex sacrifised. What are yourstories. Join the clan an tell your own stories and bring the warriorinside of you to the light. I hope to see as many players as possible. If you want to join just send me a request to join and i set you up on the list if members. See ya all.



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