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Destiny について話し合おう
12/5/2015 7:05:47 AM

Not to be divisive but... Class war?

Yes, an event would be cool


No, would prefer not to have anything like this


Indifferent. Here for results.


What with Deej having a bit of fun in the comments of a certain post, how would everyone feel about a one-off event in the crucible where teams are made up of exclusively a single class? Such an idea would add a further element of story to the crucible, I dunno, something along the lines of the classes no longer fighting as one, wanting to settle their differences or whatever. I know that the whole experience as a Guardian is to be fighting alongside everyone else in the Destiny universe, and this sort of mode might not match up with the narrative Bungie are trying to create, but I think it's a fun idea nonetheless. Some way in-game to track who was winning the 'war' would be ideal. And maybe some shaders or something for some arbitrary level of contribution to your class' cause? I don't know. Ideas. Tl;dr: fun crucible 'class war' mode/event?



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