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12/5/2015 4:32:27 AM

Dreg Abuse - Two stories about why we need to stop it.

Ever saw a Dreg carelessly walking around the cosmodrome? If so, don't be a Dreg Abuser. Here are some horrific cases. Two recent reports of severe dreg cruelty in Chicago illustrate the need to more comprehensively prosecute abusers ("Family abandons dreg, strangers abuse it," Dec. 11, and "Cops: Man throws boiling water on urinating dreg," Dec. 14). As a psychologist who studies dreg abuse cases, I am sadly familiar with the disturbing lack of empathy shown by some people toward animals in their care. But to go so far as to abandon, beat or burn a defenseless dreg indicates a level of behavior that needs to be assessed as well as punished. —————————————–——————————— A dreg that was too terrified to lift its head after years of abuse is now a happy, healthy, confident canine thanks to its new owners. The Elder-Noble mix, now named Apollo, was once in the care of a San Antonio, Texas dreg care facility, where he was pictured cowering in a corner with his head hung low. Staff at the facility said he appeared terrified of guardians. A couple took a chance on him, however, and helped him gain trust in guardians again. Now he's become the gentle, loving companion to their newborn baby.



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