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Destiny について話し合おう
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We need to have peace between the classes. We are not supposed to fight each other. We stand together, against the darkness. We may have our differences but we all are guardians that have unique talents and skills that we use to save our solar system. So let there be peace! End the class war today! [spoiler]sign below if you want to have peace. I'll ignore any hateful comments[/spoiler] Edit: edit removed Edit 2: did not expect this many replies already! Its a Christmas miracle! :') Tears of joy Edit 3:Deej responded. I can die happy now. Well, I also want Cozmo here too Edit 4:Deej just made this a lot more challenging. Edit go(5): Glad to see all the positive replies! Let's keep it going!! Edit 6: Crucible is for training against stronger adversaries without fear of disaster.



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