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12/3/2015 10:10:11 PM

Help Needed: Ocean Blow-Up

So, I just came out of an interview for the Torgue Corporation. I feel all went well, but there was one problem. When asked, "What in your life have you done that's Torgue approved?" My heart had sank. I thought I was done for. I drew a blank. I was at a loss. I told the interviewer that I couldn't think of anything Torgue enough that I had done. What the interviewer told me next gave me a small sliver of hope. He told me, "Tell you what, I'm in a good mood today. You come back in a week's time. Prove to me that you can get Torgue approved, and I'll hire you." So, I propose an idea. I had heard that some safe hunters, vault hunters, box hunters, (or something like that), might've attended it before but I thought it was crazy. But hey, nothing is crazy if it's Torgue approved. I propose, that, to be Torgue enough, I gotta [b]blow up the ocean[/b]. Now, I'm gonna need some help. But I think with the assistance of a couple good men and women, we could get this done. I'll even drop your names to the interviewer guy; he might like you. Now, I must ask of you people, who wants to help me [b]BLOW UP THE OCEAN[/b]?



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