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Crow Strike Concepts - Elysium's Marker

More info on Crow Strikes - Note: If you have any suggestions for this idea or corrections to my grammar, spelling or lore, they are all very much appreciated. [b]Elysium's Marker (Crow Strike)[/b] Quest giver: Uldren Boss: The Gatelord's Maelstrom Summary: The Vex Gatelords have grown to truly fear the Guardians power and they wish to deploy their dark secrets against the Light and it's champions. A Vex Axis Mind of unspeakable power has emerged in the lost oasis of Mars and is gathering power to assault the other planets of the system. Image: [b]Mechanics:[/b] Throughout the Strike, pillars of energy called Time Storms will spawn with a glowing orb (Time Bolt) in the center. Players can run through these to gain a stacking buff called Tempest Charge, but must also avoid the lightning blast from the pillar. This lightning blast will come faster, each time a player collects a Time Bolt from it. Players can use stacks of Tempest Charge to power entrances or prevent the team from being wiped by hazards. Each Player can only collect 5 stacks of Temporal Charge. [b]Boss fight[/b]: The Gatelord's Maelstrom (Or the Maelstrom to save time) resembles a humanoid Vex Gatelord but lacking a lower half and possessing six long spindly arms. He also has a set of glass looking wings on his back and Vex eyes on the palms of his hands. His basic attacks are firing Arc bolts from his palms. All normal damage dealt to the Maelstrom is negligible. In his first phase, he will cast two types of Temporal Storm, a pillar like twister or a wider, spherical burst. Like other Time Storms, this do a powerful Arc blast after a brief period. To effectively damage the Maelstrom, players need to collect at least 3 stacks of Tempest Charge and be scanned by the Maelstrom, when he emits a red gaze from his main eye. This will stun him and remove all stacks from players in the scan. Players can collect up to 3 stacks between them and the more stacks they have the longer he remains stunned. If there are not enough stacks present when the Maelstrom scans, the players being scanned will take massive damage based on the stacks present. During his second phase, the Maelstrom will be able to teleport around the room to fixed locations and generate a continuous Arc field around that area. He also requires more stacks of Tempest Charge to stun and will start scanning with his arms in additional patterns. The Maelstrom gains a third Time Storm attack, that creates a trail for the Arc blast to apply on as the energy charge moves around the room. After each stun phase, he will spawn additional adds for the players to fight. During his final phase, he will cast a Detain like ability on players. If this is not destroyed fast enough, it will absorb the players Tempest Charge stacks and give him a powerful force barrier, dependent on how many stacks were absorbed. His final attack, Time Strikes Twice, causes Time Bolts to spawn in quick succession in the various locations that the Maelstrom teleports. He will then start teleporting and absorbing the Time Bolts. Players need to collect these charges before he does. If they fail, he will do a massive Arc stream attack between every point he collected a Time Bolt, likely wiping the party if they don't correctly position themselves. Strike Drops: Strike Drops: • Qodron's Legacy (Auto Rifle) - "Made from that guy. You know the one." • Nexus Key (Scout Rifle) - "A portal made from bloody war." • Aetheon's Vision (Sniper Rifle) - "Darkness and servitude. Light and ignorance. Infinity and crushing terror. Nothingness and perfection incarnate." Edit 1: Added image. Edit 2: Added Strike Drops



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