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Storms of Jupiter

“I’ve assembled you here for a reason, fellas. And lady. You’re the Guardians no one remembers. The ones that have slipped through the cracks of the tower, notice, money owed – Loron-22 –“ The cloaked hunter shifted uncomfortably, his ‘oh well’ smirk lost under the void laced light emanating from his helmet. “But you’re the best damn group of floaters I’ve ever had the pleasure of bossing around. And that’s why I need you. Your wits, your complete devotion to the job even when you’re probably going to die. Because you’re probably going to die.” Cayde-6 pressed a recessed button in the small metallic table the group was standing around. The light projected from the hologram revealed three figures across from Cayde. A woman on the left, clad in simple grayish-green robes, her brown hair cut short and simple. In the center, a hunter, fully geared and ready for field work, his face obscured by a faceplate shining with void light. To the right, a young Awoken male, his skin a pale blue, his hair white as the marble of the Tower, teal robes draped over his small frame. With a glance at the planet, he was the first of the trio to speak. “Barring the assumption that you want us to fly to Jupiter, I’m not outfitted for field work. I fire small arms once every other week. The rest of my time is devoted to stu-“ Cayde interrupted the Warlock with a wave of his hand “And that’s why I need you. You’re smart. The brains. Maybe not willing to die, but we’ll work that out. Maybe a pay raise. Some shiny engrams from Rahool himself. Besides, you’ll be as safe as you can be with these two around. They’re veterans, proven time again that they can take a beating and keep on tickin’.” The short Awoken crossed his arms. The woman sat up in her chair, leaning forward and inspecting the Jovian projection with great interest. The hunter stood as still as the columns supporting the small room they were in. Cayde looked at the woman, then the hunter. “You will keep him alive, right? He’s kind of important. Very in fact. I’m sure you want to know why you’re going to Jupiter. It’s simple,” Cayde turned around, staring off into the vast City below. He clasped his hands behind his back. “We need to establish what on Jupiter, if anything, is worth our trouble of recovering. While we’ve defeated the bulk of the Taken threat, this can only signal to me that there are greater threats out there and we need to be prepared for them. I sound like Zavala, hmph.” Cayde turned back around, placing his hands on the table as he leaned forward. “Speaking of Zavala, we’ve had some long talks, and he agrees we need to figure out if there’s anything on Jupiter or the surrounding moons that can help us. Lost Golden Age tech, ancient secrets, new materials for our probability forge, all that jazz. Thing is, he can’t sanction such actions. They’re suicide. But following my stunt with that Guardian when we first secured a transmat zone on the Dreadnought, he kind of…suggested…that if he noticed several ships leaving the inner system and had an inclination for a more Jovian path, he wouldn’t stop them. So that’s why you’re here.” The woman stood up, peering at the ‘Red Eye’ of Jupiter. “Can we go there?” she inquired, her voice low and melodic. The hunter turned his head inquisitively. Cayde let out a short laugh, “I said you’re going to die. I didn’t say go find the quickest way to die. You guys want mission specs?” The trio all looked up at Cayde, the Awoken spoke first. “The mission is Jupiter, establish whether there are any Golden Age relics.” “Yeah that’s what you gotta do, but that’s not what you’re going in with. I’m talking specs here. What you’re taking, what you can and can’t do. Cans – Just about everything as long as it doesn’t kill you. Can’ts – No transmat equipment. Once you’re there, you’re there. There is no backup coming. I can’t risk anymore Guardians or a ‘talk’ from Zavala. I’ll keep a special, encrypted channel open for communications with you. I expect a daily report. If I don’t receive one for three days, I’ll assume, well, yunno. You’ll have plenty of food and medical supplies. Each of your ships will be equipped with enough ammunition to take down half of the Legion. This isn’t a strike. You don’t get in and out. No jokes or quips. Say goodbye to anyone or anything you may care about.” Table of Contents Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:



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