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Destiny について話し合おう
11/27/2014 6:10:55 AM

Point Emote Idea

Yes, I think this should be in Destiny.


No, I think this should NOT be in Destiny


I don't care either way.


Firstly, I'm assuming you're all aware of the point emote. I'm also assuming that you're aware of targeting a player and that if you point while a player is targeted you get "[player name] points at [targeted player name]" instead of ''[player name] points". Well, what if, instead of merely pointing at players and/or nothing, you could target and point at objects and place waypoints for other players to see? The best example I know of is the ping tool in Portal 2s multiplayer. The ping tool allows you to place a waypoint anywhere you point to. If you ping an interact-able object (cube, button, door, etc.) it also highlights said object (highlight outline can be seen through walls but not the object itself). Imagine having that in Destiny: "[b]Varzin[/b] points at [b]Relic Iron[/b]." "[b]Varzin[/b] points at [b]a chest[/b]" "[b]Varzin[/b] points." (this would just place a waypoint on whatever floor, wall, or structure the player was looking directly at. useful for guiding other players.) I think this would be a much better use of the button instead of a mostly useless emote. Of course, some limitations would need to be put in place to preemptively combat trolling. There should probably be an option to allow or disallow showing other players waypoints on screen including options for; anyone in current game instance, fireteam only, and none at all. Waypoints from any player that is blocked by the user should also not appear. So, what do you guys think? Please vote above and show this to your friends, I really like this idea and I'd like to get as many opinions as possible. Constructive criticism is welcome.



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