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11/15/2015 8:03:01 PM

Would you pay $1 in "Silver" for a "Pray for Paris" Shader?

Yes, I'd donate $1 for a shader.


No, I'm not interested in donating money.


Maybe, but I'd want something other than a Shader


A Blue, white and red shader for your Guardians to use, that you purchase with $1. The proceeds from every $1 would be donated to a relief-effort for the victims of the Paris Attacks; their medical bills, or funeral expenses for the families who have lost someone. Our community is now over 25-million players strong. If each of us donated just $1, that would generate $25-million in financial aide for the people in need. For answer 3, please leave a suggestion in the comments below. #PrayForParis.



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  • Deletedにより編集済み: 11/16/2015 8:42:32 PM
    Don't forget about a Middle East emblem oh wait don't you remember? Isis put 300 kids in a line and shot them 1 by 1 Oh and don't forget about all those innocent civilians that were killed also In the middle Eastern wars And the fact that thousands of kids die everyday over there because of poverty Look I am not saying that the event wasn't tragic (it really was) but take a moment to think about It think also how it would be in a 3rd world country kids not having food, water, or even a home You don't really see that much propaganda about that stuff but when Paris gets attacked the whole world hears about it [b](These are just my opinions) and I do not mean to offend anybody in anyway and if I do I will take this post down if you want[/b]



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