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ItsJackAttackにより編集済み: 11/15/2015 10:08:16 PM

So I'm relying on RNG now... UPDATED

So I am trying to decide between an Xbox One and a PS4. I've been trying to decide for months, but neither seems better than the other. I really can't decide, so I'm going to let RNG choose for me! I'm going to raid 3 times: King's Fall, Crota's End, and Vault of Glass. If I get Monte Carlo (The only PlayStation exclusive item I'm missing), or Icebreaker (to complete my year 1 collection), I will buy a PS4. If I get don't, I'm getting an Xbox One. Maybe if I get any PS exclusive it will be a PlayStation for me. I'm not sure. I'm mainly aiming for Monte Carlo or Icebreaker. Have suggestions for rules? I don't care about data. My brother has a PS4, and I want to play with him, but I also want to play with friends on Xbox. EDIT: I ACTUALLY GOT IT! I got Monte Carlo from Atheon! Inspect my Titan! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! I'm getting a PlayStation!



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