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11/14/2015 5:46:30 AM

To Bungie: Let's Rally

So I saw a post suggest we all wear France colored shaders in response of the recent events. That sparked an idea. What if Bungie created a shader(France Flag Colors) that cost silver. Bare with me, this would essentially be a fundraiser where all the proceeds(and I mean all Bungie) go towards a non-profit that will be helping out in the aftermath of this tragedy. The shader isn't even important, even if I bought nothing and they just used their current silver currency system as a way for us Guardians to donate, I would be happy. Some people don't think money can help and here's my response. Also if you think of any other ways it can help please tell us your idea. Response: I think theirs actually a lot of ways money can help: Help people that are hurt that can't afford medical care, help send missionaries, help with damages that won't be covered by the government, help fund support groups and therapy that a large portion of people will families that lost a loved one have a proper burial if they can't afford it. Money can help if it's put in the right places. To anyone who says Bungie doesn't need to do this, theirs plenty of other ways and avenues to help: Your right. But, this could be a way for the Destiny Community to come together and actually help out with real world events. Sure these forums are filled with squabbling and complaint over exotics and balancing. But this could be an incredible way for all of us to put that aside for a second and think about the good we could do for someone else. My heart goes out to all those affected by this tragedy.



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