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Bungie, Can You Explain The "Missing Exotic Armor"

And I don't want to hear "It was content we had made but cut out" because a few lucky people got the "Twilight Garrison" and "ATS Tarantella" and they are fully functioning, So tell us if we can even get them through special means, or at all at least. I along with loads of other people want answers. And while we are on the topic of exotic armor, What about all the year 1 armor? In the armory each one has a year 2 variant, Some even have new perks, For example. The Apothiosis Veil's New effect is "Instant Heath, Melee And Grenade regeneration upon super usage" (I'm paraphrasing but still) It's old effect you only gained heath regen when super was cast. when do we get those exotics? Please Bump So They Might See This, Or post your own post similar to this, I don't care which.



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