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11/13/2015 3:13:25 PM

Want more Jackolytes?

So as you all know the Festival of the Lost 2015 is over and if you haven't got as many Jackolytes or flight of Shadows as you wanted there's is still a way to get as much as you want. It requires making a new character though. Every time you create a new character you check ur inventory ASAP you'll see a "worn sack" use all 5. You'll get Jackolytes, flight of Shadows and rotten candy. Put the jackolyte and shadows in your vault. Go back to menu delete ur character and repeat until you have enough Jackolytes and flight of shadows. Might get patched soon so get as many goods as you can!! 🎃🎃😊 you're welcome I don't know if anyone knew about this but I discovered it last night



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