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11/2/2015 9:24:15 PM

My Ultimate Wish List

Man, with The Taken King we are so close to getting the game i wish we had at launch, although i've compiled a huge list of things of different levels both Big and Small changes and additions that i feel would make this game truly perfect. [quote][b] General Changes: [spoiler]-Ammo Synthesis should be usable in-game by Holding down the reload action on the intended weapon to use it for. -There should be an option in the Settings to choose between displaying Player/Enemy Base Level or Light Level. -Values next to Subclass stats and Weapon stats such as Armor, Recovery, Agility, Reload etc... should have a Numerical value next to the bar to give a clear indication of the actual value of a selected stat. -More customization for Audio Levels such as; Game Sounds, Dialog, Music. E.g. No Game Sounds, only music.[/spoiler] World Changes: [spoiler]-World bosses (Similar to those found during Court of Oryx) should spawn on certain locations at set intervals and should have a set of specific rare items they can drop. -More variety in planetary materials that can be harvested --Salvage Weapon Scraps for weapon Parts. --Salvage Armour Scraps for weapon Parts. --Siphon Mote of Light. [/spoiler] Activity Changes: [spoiler]-Private Matches in Crucible! --Map Selection --Decide Score Limit and Time Limit --Allow modifiers to be Applied (Burns, No Radar etc) --(Possibility) Allow gambling of Glimmer. [/spoiler] Interaction Changes: [spoiler]-(Controversial) Player Trading System. --Exotic Weapons, Raid Gear and Quest Items may not be traded. --Other weapons and Armour will only be trade-able before any experience towards them have been earned, after this, they will be bound to your account. --Can trade a Maximum of 5 weapons/Armour per day. --Materials such as Glimmer, Armour Parts, Weapon Parts and Planetary materials may be distributed in unlimited quantity. --Kiosk in the Tower could allow trading to commence in a Virtual Auction house. Buy/Sell items for set prices. -Kiosk in the Tower Observatory that is home to all grimoire cards that can be read as unlocked. --Bonus points for Voice acting for Cards. --Even more Bonus points if some cards featured small cut-scenes.[/spoiler] Inventory Changes: [spoiler]-(Controversial) Gear Durability --Armour will lose durability over time taking damage and will result in less Armour stat applied until repaired. --Weapons will lose durability over time while shot and result in less Damage applied until repaired. --Items can be repaired with enough of the required planetary material (Spinmetal, Helium filaments etc...), the worse the durability, the more the repairs cost. --Banshee can repair gear for you at the cost of Glimmer which is discounted based on your reputation with him. -Glimmer cap raised to 100,000 due to Player Trading and more Value. [/spoiler] Loot Changes: [spoiler]-Full sets of Armour drop-able from each strike boss. Examples; --Phogoth's Mutated Gaze (Helm) --Phogoth's Chitin-plate (Chest) --Phogoth's Strength (Arms) --Phogoth's Quake (Boots)[/spoiler] Clan Changes: [spoiler]-New Clan System --Roster now Displays all of your Clan members and their online status. --Devoted page in your menus called "Clans" that display the following; ---Whether you are in a Clan. ---Name of the Clan. ---Banner that has been Selected or Designed. (This banner could be displayed at the start of crucible matches) ---General Stats of this Clan (Enemy Kills, PvP Kills/Wins/Losses per player etc...) ---Ability to Join and Invite to Clans in-game. ---Overall Level for Clan based off of the actions of it's members. -New Social Space that can be Customized by the Clan Leaders and authorized members, quarters that can be upgraded with Glimmer and features could include the following; --Kiosks that can be purchased as Tower Alternatives; Postmaster, Cryptarch, Vaults (Leaving Vanguard and other Social Space exclusive characters alone to keep Tower and Reef relevance) --Customization banners, furniture, foliage and Trophies earned through clan achievements that can be showcased. --Clan Resource Vault that can be accessed by authorized players as one big Clan-Shared bank. (Materials and Glimmer storage only) -New Area in the Tower behind the gate near Speaker used for Recruitment purposes, ties into New Clan System, built in message board for players to post Raid-Teams or other Fire-teams they are establishing.[/spoiler] Customize Changes: [spoiler]-Custom Ships and Sparrows with player-created paint jobs.[/spoiler] Space Battles! [spoiler]--Essential a Patrol but in a ship, can engage in dogfights with enemy races for ship upgrade materials and exclusive gear. --Strike in Space? --New PvP Gamemode and Maps which feature a Dogfight only scenario. [/spoiler] Theater Changes: [spoiler]-Option in the Settings menu to Hide all In-game HUD, a gem for potential Destiny Movies and Community Videos. -Theater mode, where you can review previous activities from different angles and characters, also a gem for movie makers.[/spoiler] Crucible Changes: [spoiler]-Crucible game mode where there are no Heavy Spawns or Super Energy.[/spoiler] Hardcore Mode. (For those of us who want a Deadly challenge): [spoiler]--Same as Regular destiny, although any Deaths in a darkness zone will result in permanent death and deletion of that Character. --Leaderboards for Hardcore characters such as Kills, Raid Completions and so forth. --Will promote fireteams to work very carefully and play incredibly strategically. --Unique Emblems for certain achievements in Hardcore mode. --Will make for some legendary raid encounters, similar to that of Eris and her Fireteam.[/spoiler] Story Mission Changes: [spoiler]-Play Story missions with custom modifiers for extra rewards (Incentive to play them). Rewards could include things like; Planet Materials, experience, glimmer, weapon and armour parts, motes, coins etc...[/spoiler] Raid Changes (What we can all agree on, mostly.) [spoiler]--Vault of Glass: ---Vault of Glass Legendary Mode at 300 Light that drops VoG gear (Minus weapon elements) at 290-310 light. ---Add Modifiers that work against the favour of the player for the most part (No Radar, Void Burn etc...) ---No Changes to mechanics entirely needed here although some taken would be pretty awesome. ---Year 2 Vex Mythoclast. --Crota's End: ---Crota's End Legendary Mode at 305 Light that Drops CE gear (Minus weapon elements) at 295-315 light. ---At the End of the Abyss, the player must be standing on the plate to keep the bridge forming. ---At the Bridge, there must be at-least 3 players present on the far side when the ogres spawn or the Totems will activate. ---Deathsingers time faces further slight reduction, during litergy the player may not double jump and thralls will continuously flood the room. ---Crota encounter; in addition to the No-Challice from hard, the same player may not pick-up the sword again if they were the last person to use it. This eliminates the Hunter invisibility preference and also creates a bigger challenge of having competent swordbearers. ---Year Two Necrochasm. --Prison of Elders: Challenge of the Elders. ---Light Level 290-320. ---Total of 6 Rounds, each round pits the fireteam against the final boss of each Year One challenge mode, at a higher light level and crueler modifiers. All bosses apart from Skolas appear randomly per activity. ---Queens Gear can potentially be awarded after each round along with Strange Coins, planet materials, Motes, Three of Coins and more. --Light Level of enemies increments by 5 for each round and adds an additional modifier. ---Checkpoint given after each Round. ---Skolas is the final boss for the Challenge of the Elders at 310 Light, mechanics are the same but the fight includes Six Modifiers that will make you cry internally. Selected from the following modifiers; Airborne, Berserk, Brawler, Catapult, Chaff, Exposure, Grounded, Juggler, Ironclad, Lightswitch, Match Game and Trickle. ---Awards Plenty of Legendary Marks and Materials, Year 2 PoE Gear, Year 2 Fallen weapons including a sword that is themed of a Captain that allows you to go invisible for a short time with it's special attack. [/b][/spoiler] [/quote] Some of these may be very specific ideas, but i'm a very specific person ;) That is all i can think of for now however, feel free to add your own! Bungo pls.



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