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Destiny について話し合おう
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Create A Story & Win A Code FINAL

[i][b]Create a story / lore about destiny[/b[/i]] [u] [PLEASE][/u] - Be creative, [b]BLOW MY MIND AWAY[/b] - please no crappy submission's, but it has to be good. - no copying other story/lore from different website's.... - try google drive to save your work... [ optional ] - take time to finish the story & polish it,[quote][i] this competition end's 3/27/14[/i][/quote] Come on, start now[b] 5 winner's [/b]will be selected :) [P.S] this contest is being decided by the following judge's.... - TheAntiroxas/X2 [Me] timmy22 -Jacob & Isaiah [friend's from RL] - COW GUY HAS JOINED THE BATTLEFIELD Update: I'll PM The Winner's & Show There Name In The List Below [quote]Winner's [/quote] [quote]JustDin0[/quote] [quote]I Love Prizes[/quote] [quote]old account ant[/quote] [quote]Megan Bennett[/quote] [quote]VorpalFOX[/quote] ALL WILL BE REVEALED [b]10:00 PM [/b] [b]Thank You For Entering This Contest! Have A Fine Day [/b] [i]FYG - Fly Young Gentlemen, you are my sir![/i] [b]UPDATE: THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED AT 10:00 PM[/b] [i] [NYC TIMEZONE][/i] [i][b]THOSE WHO PM'ED ME & WON YOUR EPIC NICE STORIES.... Pretty long though - Google Drive[/b][/i] [b]ONE MORE THING.... I LOOKED UP SOME OF YOUR STORIES THERE COPIED[/b]...



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