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Destiny について話し合おう
10/26/2015 2:34:19 PM

Sweet Justice!

For far too long we have topped the leaderboards, and as payment are given nothing as a someone near the bottom scores legendary engrams, crucible specific legendaries for their hard earned 0.05KD. Today, I was granted justice by RNGesus. After finishing on the top of the leaderboard in a match and having the guy second from the bottom get gifted an Eyasluna for the 50th time, I was frustrated. I know that the rewards are given out randomly, but I have seen so many of these things drop and I have never had one, despite playing what is probably far too much of Destiny's PvP. The very next game that I played I went 31 - 1 scoring a we ran out of medals, dying only at the very beginning of the match and was rightfully granted a god roll Eyasluna (outlaw, reactive reload and riffled barrel). Needless to say I am very happy! [spoiler]This post was written with some tongue and cheek, don't take it seriously. I totally understand that the loot from PvP is random, and it's totally fine that low scoring players get some good stuff every now and then. Not everyone can be great at PvP, and even the good players have bad games. I was just happy about this weapon finally dropping and thought I'd share the story as some people might relate/enjoy it :) [/spoiler]



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