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10/22/2015 6:34:10 PM

How to Get "No Time to Explain" Exotic Pulse Rifle STEP BY STEP GUIDE (FWC Quest )

Hey Guardians, it's KON and I just put up my new STEP BY STEP guide on how to get the EXOTIC pulse rifle " NO TIME TO EXPLAIN". The guide talks about the pre quest daily, a few things to be careful of, a few requirements (raid group / solo mission) and a very quick look at the similar year one version of the weapon, The Stranger's Rifle. I'm not a full time you-tuber and I actually live in Japan. When the new news and updates happen it's usually when I'm sleeping. So I'm always going to be a bit behind the big names but I'll still try my best. The last post I did here I got great feed back on my formatting, presentation and other advice on my content. I'm still learning and appreciate all genuine comments, suggestions and support. If you like the video give it a like or sub. Thanks and enjoy!



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