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tre11styleにより編集済み: 10/16/2015 2:37:51 PM

Iron Banner, BIGGEST game mode "fail" in destiny

gotta love IB. IB is, in my eyes, one of the biggest "fail" game modes of this game. Why? because... unless you are in a premade of 5 or 6, you are always set up with randoms, going against a premade of 5 or 6 and the matches are never close. Either you are on a really good team, or a really bad team. Scores are mostly 20,105 to 7890... or something similar Eh... it's a joke of a game mode currently, and always has been. If they took out premades (which will never happen, and could onlyhappen if they allowed dedicated servers), it would make it a much more balanced game mode. And much more enjoyable, and would give the loners more of a chance. The games would be just like crucible, but where power mattered. Right now... yes power matters, but not really. It's more about numbers, than power.



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