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10/14/2015 12:09:47 AM

What Would You Spend Extra Money On?

I think Micro transactions are great. I think Emotes are neat too. However, imo, emotes are usually just that..."Neat." I'd like to see some weapon art in the Micro transactions catalogue. Heck Activision should know that sort of thing is popular with CoD being their flagship. I'd also be willing to pay for armor skins, even though i feel we should be able to skin better looking armor over the crap we're stuck looking at already. No one's going to see someone perform an emote and say, "Wow... I want THAT!" I DO think they would see cool weapon and armor skins and be compelled to go right to Tess and throw their money at her monitors. What would you guys be willing to fork out some extra cash for in Destiny?



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