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10/8/2015 2:36:08 PM

Engrams in Co-op Mode. Does each player see their own, or are they shared?

When you're killing a boss in a group, are the engrams that pop up available only to you, or are the ones you see available to everyone on your fireteam? Are the engrams which show up shared among everyone? ie, If i take one, will another version of it be there for someone else on my fireteam to grab? Are the engrams that show up only intended for your session? ie, the ones i see aren't present in the other players' games; they see their own. Thanks for answering! I tried to google this, but found too many results that dealt with where to get which engram nothing about fireteaming and engrams. Hope someone out here knows and can relate. I never want to be greedy and was always wondering if i should just leave or take things.



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