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10/5/2015 11:55:41 PM

Micro transactions AREN'T bad here's why

So I'm sure you have heard by now" boo micro. Transactions!" Or "come on bungie" about a thousand time by now, but it's NOT BAD. First off they seem to be purely cosmetic as this point , and are completely optional. You buy emotes, which are almost extremely useless. They are cool and all, but you can definitely go without them. It's not like you can't get shaders or emblems unless you pay, you can get those playing the game. But if you want sweet dance moves to stand out, that's fine. It optional with barely any affect. This is how big companies like bungie get money to produce better high quality content in the future, so give this "silver" currency micro transactions a chance, if you don't buy them it won't even affect your experience. Comment what you think but let's try to not get enraged.



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