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Hey you! Come show my friend some love!

[quote][quote]Hello fellow gamers! I come to you today seeking help with something that's very important to me. Recently I started a go fund me campaign to help me get to Florida, and start my schooling at full sail university. And I know what most people will say that I don't deserve it, and money should be earned, but I do work for my money and I have a little saved up, but since my family isn't in the greatest financial position I usually end up giving most of my money to my father to help out with bills and things of that nature. That's why I come to you guardians today to ask for help! Now originally I would not do this because I hate asking for money, but I'm desperate and I've tried everything. I've even sold most of my possessions including my Xbox which was difficult but necessary. So any support would be appreciated! The link I will provide is the page of my go fund me if you wild like to help out! Thank you if you do decide to donate! [b]Hey guys Sw1ft here, this is for a good friend of mine needing a hand so please go show him some love!![/b][/quote]
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