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GrayWo1f3 xim4により編集済み: 10/20/2015 9:21:51 AM

THE BEST and FASTEST Relic Crystal Farming guide. (For the exotic sword quest) works for all swords *updated* bonus tip!

Hey guys, after spending quite a while trying to farm these things i eventually remembered my farming methods from vanilla destiny and started flying in and out of the area after getting a few relic formations near an exit point. I got 3 crystals in under 10 minutes and thought i should share this with you guys. EDIT4: Just a reminder for this to work you have to LEAVE the area and come back, no one can stay in the area or the nodes wont reset. Also it works in any area, so if people come you can either wait for them to leave/go to orbit and come back, or move to another area. -T3h_GrayWo1f3 Feel free to check out some of my other vids, i play a decent amount of crucible too. Edit: relic crystals are the mats needed for the dark drinker quest, VOID exotic SWORD. Edit2: we're trending guys!! Goodjob and thanks to everyone whos watched and liked the vid, hopefully by doing this we can help more players. Goodluck Guardians!! EDIT3: apparently you can transfer your 2nd and 3rd sword to your first character and complete it with that character; [quote]Yea can get only 1 legendary sword per char but you can transfer it to any char and do exotic quest on any char[/quote] ^ Thanks to Roetter420 ^ [quote]Yea you can as long as you don't pick up the 50 major/ 25 crucible kills first you can. Bonus you get to skip those kills as well when you do it. Just the ability kills and material quest[/quote] ^ Thanks to Ihries317 ^



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