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9/30/2015 3:47:19 PM

Bungie Q&A

Does anyone else feel like we need a frequent, scheduled Q&A with Bungie? Something semi weekly or monthly. I notice when Bungie sees an issue (looking at you 310 Black Spindle and Three of Coins), they're ridiculously quick to address it. Within almost 24 hours we see a message on the forums about it. However when we the players point out actual gameplay affecting issues they go ignored. If not ignored, at least unacknowledged. Numerous issues with strike playlists is one area that needs feedback on our feedback. If you have an ongoing, frequently updated and expanded game, you should really have an employee or two who's job it is to frequently respond to this kind of feedback. I was under the impression this was surely somewhere in Deej and/or Cozmo's job description. Perhaps I'm wrong. If I am, Bungie it's past time to hire someone to actually do this. I'm not even saying you need to fix all problems, pronto, to our exacting specifications. Seriously though, a simple "Yes, we see this and we are working on it. Expect a fix in a week or two." Or even a "Yeah, we know the strike playlist is small. Here's a reason (BS or otherwise)." What we have currently is poor customer management.



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