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9/26/2015 12:03:44 AM

Friendship Building - Raids & Strikes! (Friendly Group For Making Friends!)

I've always wanted a nice group of decent, experienced players with good communication skills and plenty of team work, but I'd also like the group to be chilled, open to conversations. Me and a friend I have often do strike nights, which is where we do rather 10 or 20 strikes (depending on our mood) without returning to the tower till we've completed all 10/20 strikes. It's a very rewarding activity to do, especially when you come back to the tower with roughly around 50 engrams! It's also a great way to grind light levels to reach that 295+ light level for the raid. It also makes people want to talk, get to know each other, have a laugh. Rek some bosses m8 :) For raids, like I said. I'd like experienced players, with good communication that also take it seriously. Now I'm not talking full on MLG-Sweaty hands. I'm talking focused, with call outs, so on, so on. The feel I'd like within this group is just a nice laid back feel, very welcoming with kind people, keep arguments to yourself but you can feel free to open up. There's no age limit. Those salty people that push away kids is complete stupidity, I remember being like that and talked down to just for the pitch of my voice, and it wasn't a very good time. So, my dis respect goes out to any of you that look down on kids. So if anyone out there wants to start a team like I just listed, let me know on Xbox One. I'd love to have more people to start hanging around with. I strongly recommend you join the clan "Forged in the Abyss" which already has a bunch of people in it, so you'll also be able to have the clan name on your card if you would like to! [b]Gamertag: MehDunDat [/b] [b](I'll most likely reply to those messages more than on here)[/b] Key points: - Experienced - Talkative - Chilled - Friendly - Raid suitable - Strikes - Active members - Definitely must be mature and not annoying [b][u]~ No one likes to be alone out in the wild, Guardian...[/u][/b]



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