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9/19/2015 9:40:17 PM

My Draksis Loot (INSANE)

So everyone knows this new "loot cave" like encounter: Draksis, the Exotic Santa. I had 705 coins at the start of this expansion. I now have around 400. I bought about 200 3 of Coins, here are my results: Weapons: - 1x Hawkmoon - 2x Monte Carlo - 1x Suros - 1x Zhalo Supercell - 1x TLW - 1x 4th Horseman - 3x Telesto - 2x Invective - ~10x Helm Engrams - ~5x Gauntlet Engrams - ~5x Chest Engrams In all, about 40 engrams or so. I had INSANE luck. You should've heard the people in my party. I was getting back to backs. My advice, just keep trying. Don't go broke, he may bring what you're looking for. That being said, not everyone is as lucky as I am, nor do they have an hour to do this. I stopped when I got Hawkmoon. It's my new baby.



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