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Would love to find a medium sized clan?

Any medium sized clans looking for members? I'd love to find a clan that is mature, serious about gaming and getting things done, but all the while having fun. People who can screw around and, yet, buckle down when it's necessary. I would like to join a clan that is a family, not a group. Low maintenance, chill people. A bit about myself: I am a Day One, Year one player. I pre-ordered this game months before it came out (that faith in Bungie, though.) So, I'd love to find veterans (or even new members) who have a love for the game lore and all. I love doing it all, PvP, PvE, and even just strolling around enjoying the scenery. I have a Level 34 Hunter (I'm a one character kind of person) and a few exotics. I'll admit I'm terribly rusty because of a hiatus I took for school. However, I know as soon as I get back in the swing of things you won't regret having me! Console: Xbox One Time Zone: PST, CA Availability*: Fridays, Weekends, Evenings and very early mornings (7:30 - 2 am) *Subject to change every ten weeks due to changing class schedules. GT: GLASS W0LVES Thanks for your time!



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