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siikeiにより編集済み: 9/5/2015 6:16:33 PM

Booted from my own game

So i was playing POE 35, i had Skolas CP. I was asking people to join me on the recruitment section, and this one dude added me, , he told me he had a maxed gjallarhorn and i let him join. The he invited his friend to the game. We tried few times. Then his friend left, and then he started to talk to me, he said would it be nice if i booted you. Then i said you cant im the host, but somehow he booted me (i think he ddossed me) and i lost the CP and now he's asking for people to join him on the recruitment forums and i think that sucks. Is there anything bungie could do or i could do?
#Help #booted



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