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Who would win? Spartan 2's or the new Spartan 4's ??

Master Chief and the rest of the 2's


Locke, Palmer and the knock off Spartan 4 gang


Which do you guys prefer, like better, think would win in a fight etc... I think if we draw in all the Spartans 2's together from the books, games, videos etc... They would totally kick the Spartan 4's asses. I mean Spartan 4's are just watered down versions of Spartan 3's which are just watered down versions of Spartan 2's. Not to mention all the Spartan 2's were trained from childhood to fight, and therefore have a bit more experience than the Spartan 4's and any of the 2's that are still alive have proven to be tough to kill. [spoiler]spartan 2's win[/spoiler] EDIT Remember boys and girls. The augmentation to the II's was far better than the augmentation to the IV's And that makes a huge difference.



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