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Destiny について話し合おう
8/27/2015 11:11:54 PM

Too all Military Guardians!!!

Hello everyone of the Destiny community and fans of Bungie! Next month I bid all farewell, I will be going to BMQ for the Canadian Armed Forces. I would like to thank Bungie and the rest of this great community, and making this game a great experience for me, and also a huge shout out to all men and women of the military, no matter which one you are in. Even bigger shout out to those fellow Army types out there. In my being away for the next Three months, I won't be here for TTK launch. So all Guardians still here, kick Oryx's ass for me, and have fun. Ltaustin117 is out, see you in 3 months. [spoiler]To all people who don't know much about the military: BMQ stands for "Basic Military Qualification". Other people may call it: Basic Training, Boot Camp or simply Basic. Peace out, Guardians. See you in 3 months.[/spoiler]



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