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8/26/2015 6:43:52 AM

Clan Forum Organization Ideas!

Yes, you can make a forum post a "Group Announcement" and have it pinned to a separate place than the regular forum posts. However, this doesn't provide much help for trying to organize important forum posts such as clan rules and commonly asked questions; they disappear into the mix before new/regular clan members can even see them. Is there a way to modify our personal clan forums to be more organized like the Bungie one here? I know that is a little idealistic with how difficult that would be, but what about a system for the founder and mods to pin important posts permanently at the top? Or a separate section for permanent important posts? Maybe I'm just missing something here, but it's very hard to organize a forum full of information about the game and the clan with no organizational tools to help. Also, sorry in advance you Ninjas if I posted this in the wrong forum spot!



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