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8/18/2015 10:44:20 PM

Possible changes?

There are a couple things that I have noticed might be a good edition to the game for end game users and other people trying to become the end game users. For starters I believe the Vangaurd and Crucible marks are no longer of use to me at this point in the game and I use them on materials just to get rid of them to collect more. I believe adding the possibly of buying Etheric Light for the maximum possible amount (200 marks) for either Vanguard and Crucible marks. This would give players an initiative to use and save them while still being a reasonable reward, because the current gear or armor is not max level or damage and it would be a good buffer for those who are unable to do trials to obtain Etheric Light from PvP. Also, I think an additional use of a PvP consumable, similar to Ether Seeds, Black Wax Idol etc., to allow players to have an alternative option for earning glimmer. These are a few additions to the game that would be subtle changes but could increase effectiveness of some of the small difficulties faced by many guardians throughout Destiny. On a different note I am severely struggling to justify spending an additional $40 to get the bonus in game content for the Taken King. The XP increase on the class items is a huge time saver and a huge incentive to purchase the collectors edition. I just can not see a few digital items being the equivalent price of the entire DLC. They do not add a more lucrative story, or make the game longer in any way. They make it easier to get further faster if you are willing to pay. I just think the price is steep. Thank you for listening guardians and creators! I hope to see you around slaughtering the Darkness, and sometimes each other if the crucible deems it necessary. Sincerely, Scarbelly1 a true Bungie fan since the beginning!



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