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Triumph Question about Raid Hard Mode.

If I play the Hard RAID fresh this week and continue where I left off the next day at the boss where I left off all the way to the end. Will I get the Hard Mode triumph as long as I complete the whole hard RAID in pieces before the Weekly reset? The reason why I ask is because I've been told you have to play the Hard Mode RAID in one sitting without continuing another day during the week before the weekly reset. A solid answer would be appreciated. I would hate to have to keep playing the RAID from scratch each day rather then taking it in parts through the week in order. Keep in mind I was party leader too and started fresh on hard mode, so I have the check point at the boss now. So knowing that I only have to fight the boss before the weekly reset would be reassuring. Thanks. PS I would prefer a reply from Bungie or a reputiable forum user like "All the Players."



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