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After 2.0 will hand canons be worthless?

Has it registered with anyone else that Hand Canons are getting two significant nerfs? Range is getting nerfed, (which was appropriate) and with the added reduction of magazine size they will cease to be a truly viable option regardless of the combat situation. The max now is 13 rounds in the mag, most being closer to 10. By reducing magazine size and removing Field Scout Bungie has just guaranteed they will be worthless in PvE and that you will be hard pressed to engage more than 1-2 targets in PvP per reload. By way of contrast look at every other primary weapon class in the game. Pulse, scout, auto, they all carry enough shots/bursts to take out 3-4 guardians without reloading. This leaves hand canons as the soul primary weapon that will only be able to engage 2 guardians per reload with any consistency. And we all know how effective a hand canon is in PvE of it only has +/- 8 rounds. EDIT: I wrote this post as it pertains to current weapons. What I hadn't taken into account is that we don't yet know what the new TTK hand canons will look like, i.e. what mag sizes they might have. Hopefully they offer a good range of stats/mag sizes so that we have viable options in both PVP and PVE. I suppose we'll see next month.



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