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To anyone who still has LDR or Longbow?

If so then please tell me what perks? Mine is: LDR 5001 Void Ambush (and short gaze) Double Down Field Scout Clown Cartridge It on my Warlock (for proof). [b]Note:[/b] Please post the list of perk you have on your sniper rather than which character they equipped. Thanks :) [b]Note 2:[/b] If you dismantle LDR or longbow, give me the reason why you dismantle it. [b]Note 3:[/b] Feel free to rate my LDR as well as other. Edit: if anyone who has final round, I'm not here to call you scrub. I just want to know if you still had one. Thanks :) Edit 2: Going to bed now. Edit 3: Just woke up for feedback :) Edit 4: Look like this thread is almost dead Edit 5: 500 replies!!! Edit 6: 1000 replies!!! Edit 7: Going to bed now so I won't be able to reply you. You can still leave your post about LDR or longbow. Edit 8: 1250 replies!!! Edit 9: Look like [b][u]Like Me 808[/u][/b] is the exactly the same roll as my LDR :). Check his Warlock. Edit 10: you can also show off your vanilla sniper. I don't mind since some people were complain alittle ;). [b]Edit 11[/b]: To all the guy who has Firefly, good job-.- (I'm still salty -.-) [b]Edit 12: I forgot to tell you how I got this LDR with best perk. I got it from Vanguard Rank 5 Packaging since I bought Destiny in TDB.[/b] [b]Edit 13: It time for jelly story. Tell me why you are so jealous of my LDR.[/b] [b][u]Vendor Version[/u][/b] If your LDR has a following perk then don't post, I am aware of LDR perk from Vendor. Arc Element LongView SLR20 Ambush SLH25 Hawkeye SLR15 Unflinching High Caliber Rounds Armour Round Piercing Skip Round Clown Cartridge [b][u]Update about Vendor Longbow[/u][/b] Solar Element LongView SLR20 Hawkeye SLR15 Ambush SLH25 Spray and Play Lightweight Field Scout Skip round Mulligan [b][u]Vendor Longbow perk = Confirmed[/u][/b] (Remove #Destiny when TTK drop due to being obsolete now. R.I.P LDR and Longbow (and other vanilla sniper....I guess :P) Thanks :).
#RIP #farewell



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