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8/3/2015 7:39:00 PM

GTA 5 kills for money?

So I would like to get LSPD tint on certain guns. What I would be asking is to kill a player a certain number of times then give them money thru a heist final. [spoiler]if your thinking why don't you just do TDM? because depending on the HOST that specific weapon I want to get LSPD tint for does not spawn up or can not be selected. if I HOST it's hard to get players, then if I leave it on any weapon preference, players use c4, rockets, mini gun, etc.[/spoiler] [spoiler]i do get my kills in free roam but I feel like a dick doing it, but after I'm done killing them to the point where they go to passive or quit or get a tank/jet. I do message them and say sorry doing it for a weapon camo[/spoiler]



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