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7/18/2015 3:46:48 AM

Weapon Tuning 2.0 - Hand Cannons Tuning will Ruin our favpourite HCs likes Fatebringer for PVE

Nerf Range & Keep Current Optic Zoom and Mag size


Nerf Range Optic Zoom & Mag size


Nerf Exotic HCs but Not HC Class


Hi Guardians, This is SOME YOUTUBE GAEMR here and Bungie has released the weapon tuning coming to The Taken King and I really feel like Hand cannons as an archetype are being destroyed when Hand Cannons are actually underused in the Crucible. 1st Off Exotic Hand cannons dominate in the crucible. Not Legendary Hand cannons so Bungie should have definitely adjusted Thorn and Last Word rather than destroy the entire class of weapon. Why do I thin they are destroying the entire class of weapons? * Well the reducing in Optic Zoom was completely unnecessary * The reduction in range for the entire class was also unnecessary because most of the complains about the range of hand cannons came from the crucible. However the range problem comes from Thorn Last Word and Hawkmoon. You don't hear people complain about being cross mapped in a few shots by Red Hand or other legendary HCs. So bungie should have individually adjusted the range of those 3 HCs rather than nerf the entire class. On top of this the vast majority of crucible maps are far smaller than PVE arenas. In PVE you can actually feel the difference in range between HCs and Scout Riffles coz the PVE world is so much bigger. Having such a drastic nerf on range on HCs will literally make our Favourite Hand Cannons such as Fatebringer useless in PVE. * Redection in Magazine size is just PLAIN STUPID. Hand Cannons have the small Mag Size of ALL primaries. Timur's Lash currently has a mag size of 7 and that makes it pretty much useless. How low do they want the mag size if HCs to be? Last Word has 8 rounds and you can barely down 2 players with that. on top of that you have weapon perks that trade magazine size for increase stats so we will end up with weapons like ILL WILL with 2 rounds in the mag. That's RIDICULOUS. In Conclusion I really do not think Hand Cannons deserve a nerf as a class. I think Exotic Hand cannons were the problem. remember history tends to repeat itself. People complained about suros regime. Bungie ended up destroying ALL Auto Rifles. So Please Save the Hand Cannons - Protest The nerf of Hand Cannons as a Class. Let me know through the poll what you would rather bungie did with the Hand Cannons. Thank you guys for reading. Stay awesome guardians



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