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Spartan Marshallにより編集済み: 7/29/2015 7:17:39 PM

Spartan II's and Spartan IV's?

Which generation of Spartan do you [i]like[/i] better? Personally I like both, they both have their own advantages and weaknesses, but the Spartan IV's win this one for me. I like the II's because they're the classic super-soldiers and they're very well trained. On the other hand I like the IV's just as much do to their more advanced armor and better connection to being human. What about you guys? Edit: I'm not asking why you think one of them sucks or which one you think is better, I'm asking what do you [i]like[/i] about them. You can like them both, but please don't bother posting anything ignorant. Keep in mind that these are [u]only[/u] opinions.



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