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7/28/2015 12:39:22 AM

Pullse Rifle Damage Concept

Good idea


Bad idea




For anyone who has used pulse rifles, you've likely noticed two things: High precision damage and low regular damage. This creates an obvious risk-vs-reward system. While it could be said for all guns, this is particularly apparent. It is a good concept in PvP, where skill should thus be rewarded, but makes PvE usage underwhelming. Sheilds and non-crit hits burn through ammo in PvE. So here is an idea to fix it: Increase pulse rifle impact, but lower precision buff accordingly. Ergo, if a shot does 10 normal damage and 25 precision damage, then the updated version would do 15 norm and 25 precision. This would keep pulse rifles in relative check within PvP, but make them a more applicable force in PvE.



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