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7/15/2015 7:29:19 PM


I think I figured out a way to balance weapons in the crucible. Currently everybody hates TLW and Thorn, but nobody cares about Hawkmoon for some reason. Anyway, what Bungie should do, is restore damage to auto rifles (the quality that the weapon is, it should do a teeny tiny bit more damage than others) so there is actually a way to fight these weapons without using the exact same thing. It would allow all weapons to be used (primary) in crucible more often so people cant really complain. Pulse Rifles and Hand Cannons are over used, scout rifles dont get used to often because of low fire rates and damage, but auto rifles are never used. Bungie literally made it to where Thorn and Last Word are the OP guns and made pretty much everybody use them. Although low levels do use auto rifles (the new guardians) they dont do enough damage for low levels to win a gun fight. All I am asking for is for weapons to do more damage (mainly ARs) so people will stop using exotic hand cannons and pick up guns that arent very effective right now. Now, I know alot of you will say: "So you want SUROS Regime to be OP again"? No. I just want ARs and scouts to be a little more useful and used in pvp.



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