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loserにより編集済み: 7/15/2015 4:45:03 PM

Got booted from my fireteam right before the end of the match :(

Party leader was talking mad *BLAM* to me prior to the game. While in-game, I was on the top with possibly a 15.0 KD game and started talking *BLAM* back to her for being at the bottom of the list... She ended up booting me from the fireteam/game right before it finished so that she couldn't see my stats and I couldn't see hers! I think fireteam leader should not be allowed to boot players from the fireteam if they are ALREADY IN A MATCH! If they are able to boot them from the fireteam, THEN IT SHOULDNT BOOT ME FROM THE GAME and count as a LOSS to my STATS. STR8 UP *BLAM*, parden my *BLAM*-anese..



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