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Let's discuss what "actually" needs nerfing or buffing.

Alright, here we go, in this, we will discuss what the community as a WHOLE thinks of others ideas, and suggestions we can make. I will post the ideas that will resolve in a betterment for the entire weapon classes (not rants about Thorn or Felwinter's) and what seems good now, and what disasters it might cause. Here are a few things that are voiced loudly, and would allow our exotics to stay exotic while not being the crucible overlords or PvE slaughterers. Alright, So: Auto rifles need a slight buff, to bring them back, so do fusion rifles. JUST ENOUGH to not be op and fusion to work at medium range and auto slightly larger range. Only these few exotic hand cannons need to be nerfed, mostly in range and Thorns damage poison needs to be spread out and lowered. The Last Word needs to either be slower(not favorite) or to have a slight range and damage drop off for when you start to hit at those longer ranges. Suros needs to be fast again, along with most auto's damage being needed. Which would bring back the entire auto class and, WHILE STILL STAYING UNIQUE, will be on somewhat of a level of everything else, which allows you to have a "rock,paper,scissors," between what you prefer more, shotguns,fusions,sniper......etc. With nerfing shotguns, perks light shot package and guns like felwinter's are a little problematic. We DONT want a large nerf, like what happened to fusions rifles, i mean. Do you even get killed by fusions anymore? Also, many people want to discuss the rockets. Grenades and Horseshoes perk has been creating more problems than most, with the explosion radius getting people that would've survived unless they have blink (sorry Titans :( it's okay). Solution, make the blast radius smaller in exchange for you being able to miss and still get the kills. Time To Kill (TTK) Most hand cannons problems and Suros' is its TTK. For Thorn and last word, it is extremely fast, allowing for no counter or reaction to escape, same with felwinter's. Suros is slower now, it needs to be faster and maybe a little less damage (not really, it's exotic)



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