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7/8/2015 4:45:34 PM

Split a stack of resources in-game

Hello Bungie, I'm sure this is going to be a low priority for you guys, but when you get the chance, I'd like to request that you give players the ability to split stacks of resources within the game. Currently we have this ability from within the app and on the website here, but we're stuck with grabbing whole stacks in-game. I believe the easiest way to do this (from a UI perspective, anyway) would be to map the feature to the Y/Triangle button, so that players have the option to take the whole stack if they wish, or they can split it instead, and use a slider (like the app and website) to determine how many to split off from the main stack. Maybe the feature is only available while accessing the vault, since splitting a stack within just a Guardian's inventory wouldn't serve any purpose except to take up another inventory slot. Quick example: I have ten spinmetal on my guardian. When at the vault, I navigate to my character inventory as usual, and hit Y to split the stack. A slider pops up, and I move it to three, and press A to confirm. Three spinmetal are then moved from my character to my vault, leaving me with seven on my character. The process would simply work in reverse for splitting a stack from the vault, with the slider always being how many are split off a stack. This is only a small, simple (at least in my mind, anyway) little quality of life kind of fix that would make things a touch easier on the player, especially as Bungie is looking at players having larger and larger stacks of resources sitting in their vault storage. Questions? Concerns? Disagreement? Let me know. I'd love to hear from the community at large and/or Bungie about this simple quality of life kind of change.



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